Stand Out from the Competition With a Trade Booth Banner Stand!

Banner stands offer a unique depth to your marketing push at a trade show. Depending on the type of business you have, the banner you need to help that business stand out and attract customers differs. Starline Displays offers a broad range of banners that caters to every business need. Banner stands are a great way of bringing your business forward in such a way so that it stands out to trade show attendees.

A vertical banner stand is an ideal solution for a business that's looking for flexibility, portability, and ease of use. We believe that your marketing materials shouldn't be difficult to put up or take down. Because of this, all our printed banner stands come in full, vibrant color and can easily be assembled and taken down, adding to their portability. In just a few moments, you can have your marketing material assembled and ready to go.

Banners have made quite an impact on recent trade shows, and we get a lot of clients who are interested in getting banner stands for their next expo visit. Many of our clients have some important questions to ask before they decide on the right tabletop banner stands.

Choosing the Right Banner

Choosing the right banner for your trade show setup comes with knowing what you want to present and what appeals the best to your target audience. Deciding on the right banner comes with a series of decisions that business owners need to make. The banner that you choose should be able to accurately represent your business while at the same time, being affordable and flexible for your needs.

Common Banner Sizes

Banner sizes you encounter at trade shows can be quite different. However, for you to stand out and attract the attention of potential clients, you need a professionally designed custom banner. We offer a few typical banner sizes that see a lot of use inside trade show floors. Among those are:

  • 24"
  • 33"
  • 39"
  • 47"

Typically, each type of banner stand allows for different user sizes. We'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about the sizing of banners, and even work alongside you to find a banner size that best suits your needs.

For even more portability, businesses can invest in retractable banner stands. These are useful for trade events or shows where the business only has a limited space to set up in. Retractable banners that we offer come in the standard sizes of 24", 33", 39" and 47". We also offer a wide retractable banner for our clients that covers 59" in width and is perfect for businesses wanting a little more advertising space for their graphics.

Pop Up Banner Price Ranges

Pop up banner stands come in different varieties. Standard pop-up banner stands range from the 24” to the 47” variety. The cost can range between $180 and $440. We also provide our premium line of roll up banner stands. These offer full-color graphics and are even more portable than typical pop up models. Our premium line carries measurements between 24” and 33.5”, ranging in price between $200 and $270.

Shipping and Warranties

At Starline Displays, we believe in getting our client’s products to them as soon as possible. We offer quick turnaround times, and a simple process for ordering your trade show banner. Multiple shipping options are available, including same-day shipping across the United States, free ground shipping, air/expedited shipping or truck/freight shipping. A premium delivery option is also available.

To ensure complete customer satisfaction, all our banner stands come with a 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed stamp and a two-year warranty covering various types of damage. By offering the best in quality and ease of creation, we help you to create a banner that your company can be proud of displaying on the trade show floor.

Where Can I Use These Banners?

Because our banner material is designed to stand up to even the harshest conditions, you can use these in both indoor and outdoor trade show displays. Companies that want their banner designs to be vibrant to catch the eye of trade show attendees would have excellent results with one of our banners.

How Do I Print a Banner?

Printing a banner doesn't seem like a difficult prospect. We're trained in turning your designs into banners of whatever size you want. In designing a banner for your business, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Among these are:

  • Don't Overdo Things: In banner designs, especially for trade show banners, less is more. Go for a clean look when you design your banner since simple elements attract more attention from customers.
  • Avoid All Caps: A common misconception that banner designers have is that using all caps arrests viewers' attention. Nothing could be further from the truth. Since the Internet, people tend to see all caps as the same as screaming. Try to use uppercase and lowercase letters in your banner wording to avoid alienating your audience.
  • Bright, Vibrant Images: Use images to help bring out your banner's message. Try not to use images that complex. Keep them simple to interpret and easy to remember. Going overboard with images will attract attention, but it’ll cause your audience to get bored with what they’re seeing so much sooner.
  • Have Good Whitespace Balance: Negative space or whitespace - the area of your banner that has nothing on it - is an important design element. Use your whitespace to encourage visitors to look at your banner. More whitespace means cleaner elements and more attractive design.

Once you've designed your banner, you can take your designed banner to us, and we'll print it for you on the size of your choosing.

Choosing the right trade show banner isn't a difficult choice, but it's one that does require a lot of consideration. These banners are the first thing that your clients on the trade show floor are going to see. Because of this, your banner should be designed professionally and printed on high-quality materials, supported by a well-designed banner stand. At Starline Displays, we are committed to delivering the highest quality banner stands to fully meet all of our clients’ needs and requirements. Got any questions or comments? Contact us today, and let's work them out together!