Make a Big Impact at Your Next Event with Our Trade Show Table Covers

Trade shows are where your company goes when it wants to make a big impact on new customers. A trade show table cover is an ideal method of drawing a potential customer's attention without being too forceful.

Starline Displays has you covered with our range of table covers that come with anti-curl, anti-wrinkle material made from polyester. The material is even resistant to spills, making it ideal for a variety of situations where you may have liquid on your display top. Additionally, the polyester table covers are flame retardant and UV retardant. The covers we offer come in a variety of designs, no matter the type of tradeshow table covers you're looking for.

Available Sizes

How to Get the Best Cover for Your Trade Show Table

Accents to trade show tables are as simple as finding the right table cover to add flair and style to a setting while also reflecting what your brand stands for. Not all printed tablecloths are the same, though. The material that you use for your table cover reflects a sense of fashion and style. The shape of the table will determine whether you need a rectangular tablecloth or something better with a rounded shape.

We offer a wide variety of custom table covers such as:

  • Standard Tablecloths: These are tablecloths that come in a variety of colors that suit most 6’ or 8’ tables with a decent drop.
  • Fitted Tablecloths: Fitted table covers are perfect for covering a surface completely. They are suited for several sizes including 4’, 6’, and 8’ table sizes.
  • Stretch Tablecloths: Similar to fitted table covers, these cover the sides of the table as well as the top of it. They offer the table a definite form and shape.
  • 3-Sided Tablecloths: These are designed to cover three sides of the table, leaving the rear open. When using the table at a trade show, you can store utilities for easy access under it.
  • 4-Sided Tablecloths: These create a closed block, along the rear of the table as well. They make for a more unified presentation, with full-length panels on all sides keeping anyone from seeing under the table.
  • Table Runners: These are an excellent method of attracting the attention of potential customers at trade shows. Having your logo boldly displayed on your table runner is a sign of professionalism and pride in your brand. We offer several different types of table runners, and you can choose one that suits your needs.

Choosing Tablecloths on Size and Style

Choosing the right table cover goes beyond just choosing something and seeing if it fits. There are a few distinct steps that prepare you to purchase a customized tablecloth that fits your decor and looks good on the table. Custom table throws are only as good as the method that you use to fit the table cover to the surface. To this end, figuring out what you need for your table cover boils down to a few important elements.

Tablecloth Drop

If you're having a casual event, the expected amount of tablecloth drop that's acceptable is between six to eight inches from the edge of the table to the bottom of the cover. Formal events are slightly different, requiring a larger drop. Typically, these events have tablecloth drops of as much as fifteen inches from edge to bottom. The tablecloth length sets the tone for the meal and is an important detail that many may miss.

Measuring Your Table for a Cover

Measuring a table is relatively simple. For rectangular tables, you need to measure the length and width of the table, then add twice the drop that you calculated in the previous step. Round tables are slightly different, only requiring you to measure the diameter of the table before adding twice the length of the drop. The value that you get will tell you the size of the cover you should purchase for your table.

Tablecloths are good accents on their own and offer a very cost-effective method of changing the look and feel of your exhibition space. Starline Displays offers printed tablecloths that fit any size of table that you may have, offering you design options you might not have considered before now!

Cost of a Custom Tablecloth

The prices of custom tablecloths vary based on the company doing the job. Prices on 4' table covers range between $100 and $200. For larger table sizes, there are options for fitted covers that offer three and four-sided coverage. These also range between $110 and $375 for the 6' tables and $125 to $450 for the 8' tables. Custom table runners are also available, ranging between $95 and $145 depending on the type and length of the runner the business needs.

At Starline Displays, we are aware of how complex it can be navigating the route to creating your own personalized table cover. That's why we offer a simplified service with a single location for all your needs. We do all the printing and sewing; all you need to do is give us the size of your table. It couldn't be easier. Of course, you could go ahead and do it yourself, but why would you? You can get a professionally made promotional table cover for a fraction of the time and money making one yourself would take.

Choose the Professionals

You might be tempted to think that anyone can do a printed promotional table cover. As we've seen at Starline Displays, businesses that think this way don't get the quality and consistency they want from their product.

We offer printing for table covers that can be fully customized to a company's needs and covers the things the business wants to display on their promotional media. Custom trade show covers are a great way to make an impact with an audience and attracting them through your public display. Trust the experts at Starline Displays to offer you the highest in quality table covers for your expo displays. Order today!