Stand Out from Your Competition with a Custom Flag

In a society where most marketing elements seem to be overdone, a custom flag may be the bit of uniqueness that makes your display stand out from others. Flags have always been a sign of opulence and prestige. They attract attention and are easy to set up and take down. Most importantly, signs can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings, although they tend to have more of an impact when placed externally.

Outdoor flags, in particular, are extremely versatile. They offer high visibility at a reasonable cost. Not only do they catch the eye of visitors, but they also promote your brand image in an easily accessible way. Outdoor flags are one of the most durable methods of advertising that you'll find. However, where you get your custom feather flag is a critical concern.

Available Display Sizes

Where Can You Get Custom Flags?

Starline Displays is a leader in the field of custom flag design. As a flag maker for years, we have developed techniques for custom flag printing that allow our clients to specify how they want their flag. We allow for business signs on flags along with personalized flags that suit any company's needs. Starline Displays is a name that you can trust when it comes to developing your company flag for use with trade shows and expo events.

One of the things that set Starline Displays apart from other companies is the flexibility we offer our clientele. If you have a custom feather flag design you'd like to get done, we can develop it for you, using our high-quality materials and quick printing process to get it to you as fast as possible. If you'd like to design your own custom flag, we offer that possibility as well. We offer a wide range of outdoor advertising flags for our clients to choose from, each one fully customizable to your taste.

Starline Displays makes the design process for a flag easy. We offer a simple design pipeline that businesses can easily tap into to get their customized flags created without any problems. You can choose the type of flag you want and the size of the display. From there, you can change the options to suit your needs. Afterward, we ask that you upload your artwork and proof the final flag before we move to production. It's that simple! However, we leave the design of the flag to you. To help our clients with design elements, we've done a little research into what makes a good flag.

Elements of Flag Design

According to many design artists, when developing a custom feather flag banner, there are a handful of elements that could help the design's success. Among these important factors that a business should keep in mind when creating their personalized flags are:


A busy flag is a bad one. A good rule of thumb for your flag's background design is that someone who sees the flag should be able to close their eyes and recreate it on a blank sheet with a box of crayons. It should be unique enough so that customers remember it, but simple enough so that they can recreate it if they wanted to. Flags have to be easy to spot, so their design elements need to reflect that.


Your logo is an important part of your flag design. The biggest problem with logos, however, is that they aren't designed for flags. There's a lot of small words and nuances that someone who glances at your feather logo on a flag will overlook. For a custom flag design to stand out, simplicity is a key part of the design process, and complicated logos go against that. Consider simplifying your logo if you have to, or developing one specifically for the flag.


A general rule of thumb to keep your flag design simple is to not go above three colors in your flag. The more colors you introduce into the flag design, the harder it gets to discern your information from the background. Promotional flags should keep their design colors to two or three at most.


The most important element of outdoor feather flags is their ability to remain unique and catch the eyes of passers-by. You don't want anyone else having a similar design, so your design should be customized to your company's needs. Use your design elements to craft a flag that looks good to customers, and one that will be memorable, even after the event is done. In the future, that very flag may convince someone to come to check out your booth because of the familiarity.

How Much Does a Custom Flag Cost?

Custom flag costs vary by size and type. Starline Displays offer flags in four sizes, namely small (6' flags), medium (9' flags), large (12' flags), and extra-large (15' flags). We also offer a wide variety of design styles, including concave, teardrop, banner, backpack, and sunblade flags.

Our small trade show flags come in at $115, with most other designs of the same size priced at $135. Trade show banners of medium size are offered at $150, with other design styles being priced at $190. Large trade show banners are available starting at $225, with other large designs costing $255. Finally, the extra-large banners are priced at $360. Backpack flags are offered at $160 each.

Customize Your Visibility

You know that standing out in a sea of competitors can be a difficult task to accomplish. There are so many different ways to market a business, but standing out with a flag is much simpler than trying to compete for attention through some other medium. So few businesses today use flags to attract their clients that once you have a visible and simple flag design, you'll start seeing visitors showing notice from the time you set up. Need a flag today? Check out the design options and prices for a feather flag from Starline Displays!