Getting the Right Display Size for Your Trade Booth

Trade show booths are the way for businesses to tap into their creative energies and develop displays that wow their audience. Trade shows offer one of the most open environments for your customers to actually interact with your products. That's why a trade show booth is such an important marketing element for a company.

Trade show booths come in a variety of display sizes, and depending on how the organizers of the expo sell floor space, you might be limited in what you are allowed to display.In situations like these, it's ideal to have a trade show booth that fits your size restrictions. Organizers can get very unhappy with a business that goes over their size allotment, and trade show booths are designed to ensure that this doesn't happen.

The sizes of trade show booths that Starline Displays covers include: 6' | 8' | 10' | 20' | 30'

These trade booth displays cover the widest range of companies and offer flexible ways of presenting their products to their target audience. Before a business can decide on booth size, they've got to get their aims in attending a trade show settled. Defining goals helps in deciding what size of display booth they are going to use to catch their potential users' attention.


Why Choose Starline Displays for Your Trade Booth?

Professional service, quick turnaround time and a dedication to quality are all the hallmarks of a Starline Displays product. We have a streamlined service in place that operates efficiently. Within a few hours we can give you a quote on your trade booth, and start putting it together for you.

We build our custom trade booths out of the best available materials so that your booth stands out with vibrant colors and dynamic design elements. Our 24/7 customer support is always available for you to call to get an update on your order or get details about it before or after it ships. We believe in putting the customer first and our service reflects that.

Trade Show Booth Price Ranges

Trade show booths vary in cost based on the size that your booth has to cover. Starline Displays offers 6' booths in a variety of styles at $500 per item. Our 8" booths range between $600 and $750. Our 10x10 trade booths are available for clients starting at $750, and going up to $4,500 for the high-end booths. The 20' displays we offer range between $1,600 and $6,400. Our 30' displays range from $2,400 to $2,550, depending on the needs of our clients.

How Do You Get a Trade Show Booth to Stand Out?

Trade shows are all about flashiness. Booth design should be about encouraging people to come and find out what your product is about. A great way to do this is to create a theme around your display. Just because you want to be flashy doesn't mean you should spend time distracting your audience from your product. When they get to your booth, keeping it simple tends to draw in your potential buyers a lot more. Finally, leverage technology to bring in your audience. Tech is a low-cost way to draw attention, and it gives you flexibility in how you approach your potential buyers.

Equipping a Trade Show Booth

Outfitting your trade show booth properly is important to your success. Since this is primarily a promotional venue, you should have things like demo items, promotional material, and business cards at the ready. A box containing the most commonly used supplies, such as tape or a pair of scissors comes in handy. A lot of attendees, especially first-timers, don't come prepared with these tools, and it's a good bonding experience to have them ready to lend out. Finally, if you'll be operating the booth all day by yourself, having a ready stash of snacks and refreshments is a blessing.

Overall, your trade booth should try to make your potential buyers feel welcome. Deciding whether you want to make sales at your trade booth or if you prefer creating a lead generation engine is all up to you.

Starline Displays offers a great starting point for your trade booth, regardless of what size you're looking at using. Our flexible display booths with a wide range of options for media are perfect for all trade show attendees. Are you ready to get in on the trade show scene? Contact us today, and let's hook you up with the trade show booth that suits your needs.